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How Many Hours Is A 1 Day Hire?

1 Day hire is calculated in 24 hours e.g. 10am Monday to 10am Tuesday


How Does Your Free Delivery Service Work?

Our free delivery service is available to our on account customers and it covers the Auckland metro area.  It applies to bookings for 7+ days. Anything more than 40km or bookings under 7 days we will charge a delivery fee of $35 each way.


Do Your Vehicles Have GPS Units?

We have GPS units available for a small fee of $5 per day +GST.  This amount is capped at $50 if the hire is for 10 days or more.


What Age Do I Have To Be To Rent A Vehicle?

All drivers must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid Full or Restricted Drivers Licence.  Higher Insurance excesses will apply to the following drivers:

  • Under 25 years of Age
  • 25 or more years of age and has held a licence to drive in New Zealand less than 12 months

How Many Kilometers Per Day Am I Allowed?

The rates you are provided in your quote include Unlimited kilometers for the term of your booking.

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